Imerys, Transform to perform

Come see Imerys at FEICA 2015 in Villamora, Portugal!

Imerys offers high quality Adhesives, Caulks, and Sealants for the building and construction industries. Visit with us during FEICA 2015 to learn more about the wide array of products available for your ACS needs.

Brazil Launches Micronized GCC: SUPERMICRO

Imerys Carbonates Brazil introduces a new product line of micronized ground calcium carbonate that is designed specifically to enhance plastics, adhesives & sealants, rubber, and thermoplastics.

ImerCoal Moisture-Tolerant Rock Dust

ImerCoal Moisture-Tolerant Rock Dust is the new innovative rock dust solution for American coal mines with wet or high-moisture environments. When exposed to water, the new rock dust doesn't cake, ensuring its functionality in these environments to prevent explosions from propagating throughout a mine.

Life Elements: High Quality Products for Food & Pharma

Life Elements offers high-purity calcium, directly from North America. Our products help fortify, brighten, and enhance the quality of the products we all need to thrive.

Global network of experts and resources

Imerys’ extensive network of experts and rare resources provide our customers with top quailty all over the globe.

Raising industrial performance through our products and processes

Imerys provide their customers with technical solutions which improve their manufacturing procedures, reduce their costs and strengthen the quality of their products.

High quality calcium carbonates, custom suited to your needs

Imerys Carbonates is dedicated to providing our customers with a wide range of high quality products, no matter the application. Our innovative team can help determine or create a solution specifically for you.

Innovation to accelerate growth

Each year, Imerys introduces new products onto the market. In addition to "continuity" innovations, resulting from improvements to the existing range, "disruptive" innovations are based on the development of new concepts.

Health, environment and product quality - our solutions improve your daily life

Thanks to their properties, our mineral-based specialties have a great many applications in everyday life.


Imerys Carbonates offers an extensive set of products suited for various applications, bringing enhanced properties to each according to their specific requirements. Backed by extensive applications and research & development labs, we are able to provide guidance on how to best compound our materials into final applications.